Manufacturing and Industry

Coshocton County has over 20 manufacturers employing over 2,000 employees. The manufacturers in Coshocton County use World Class processes including; Lean, Six Sigma, 5-S, Kaizen, TPM and VSM to ship low cost high-quality product around the world. The array of products produced in Coshocton County include metal castings, process meats, food additives, flags, fabrics, gloves, fabrications, weldments, medical components, corrugated paper products, commercial printed and bookbinding products, ethanol, electricity, buildings products, and precision scale components. The annual revenues of all manufacturing in Coshocton County exceed 500 million dollars.

The manufactures in Coshocton County for over 5 years have networked through quarterly meetings through an Industrial Committee as a key member of the Economic Development Task Force now known as the Community Development Committee. The sharing of processes and knowledge in these quarterly cross-functional meetings have furthered the ability of these companies to share World Class ideas and in many cases reduce costs by sharing ideas and in many cases do business with each other.