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Amy and Kirby Hasseman | Hasseman Marketing | Hasseman Properties

Tiffany, Brenda and the team at the Port Authority have been an incredible asset to our businesses and our most recent project. It, quite literally, would not be happening without them.

First, they saw the value of our Main Street building project and helped to provide some seed money to help get the project underway. Then, when we were having problems getting traditional financing, Tiffany helped to introduce us to “out of the box” people to help get the project underway. We were at our wit’s end, and their creative thinking and hard work helped the project to continue.

Combine that with their willingness to encourage, be a listening ear, and a cheerleader for us and the community, and you have an amazing combination. We are so thankful for their support!

Walt Schick

ITM began looking for another building in February 2018. We were in the same location for twenty (20) years and we were near capacity. Also, ITM wanted to own a building and not be in a lease situation.

We contacted Tiffany Swigert, the Executive Director of the Coshocton Port Authority. Tiffany was informed that ITM was pursuing opportunities at locations in neighboring states along with other locations in Ohio outside of Coshocton County. ITM was previously located in Indiana.

Within a week Tiffany had arranged a meeting with the Port Authority, ITM and Jobs Ohio. The process was started to provide ITM with combined resources of Jobs Ohio, The City of Coshocton and the Coshocton County Commissioners. Specifically, a grant from Jobs Ohio in the amount of $285,000 was obtained associated with job retention and additional creation of twenty five (25) jobs. The city and the county were instrumental in securing parking for our employees.

With the assistance of Tiffany and her ability to pull together various community resources ITM purchased a 30,000 square foot building on Main Street in Coshocton. Without this tremendous community effort there was a distinct possibility ITM would not be in Coshocton or Ohio.

Brad and Cathy Fuller | Good Boy Bakery

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