Coshocton County has over 171,000 acres dedicated to farming. Coshocton is a strong agricultural community producing annual cash receipts of some 56 million dollars in grain production, livestock, poultry, dairy, hay, ornamental and vegetable crops. Over 1,000 full and part-time farmers contribute to the local agriculture economy with an average of some $55,000 per farm in gross sales. Local farm producers are eager to adopt new technology and innovative production techniques to increase efficiency protect the local environment.

Agriculture is a mainstay to the social fabric of the community and makes a significant contribution to the economic growth and prosperity of Coshocton County. Preservation of prime farmland is a primary goal that has been studied and depicted in both the county’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Economic Development Task Force Report.

Coshocton County has the physical ability to produce a variety of goods and services including:

  •  Corn 
  •  Soybeans 
  •  Wheat and other small grains 
  •  Forages – a variety of grasses, hay crops and grazing lands 
  •  Beef 
  •  Dairy Products 
  •  Swine 
  •  Sheep and goats 
  •  Wineries 
  •  Produce including vegetables/fruit 
  •  Landscaping/greenhouse industry 
  •  Access to transportation for our crops(railways and solid roads) 
  •  Favorable soil types and topography for different purposes 
  •  Surface water and plentiful aquifers 
  •  Limestone and gravel