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About the Coshocton Port Authority

The Coshocton Port Authority (CPA) helps pull together information to address a specific project’s requirements. We are able to create a portfolio of information that prospects consider when making a decision regarding land, buildings or a community.

The CPA is a city and county public agency created by political subdivisions under Ohio Revised Code Section 4582 to support efforts that lead to job creation and retention in Coshocton County.

The CPA’s focus includes supporting and advocating local, state, and federal public policies that positively impact economic growth. The scope of its services includes efforts that have a positive effect on job creation and retention, workforce development, education, transportation and health care for the residents of Coshocton County.

The State of Ohio’s port authorities have a special status that allows them to contribute to large-scale economic development projects through both public and private financing.

Ohio law provides for port authorities to construct facilities, issue bonds, make loans, and sell or buy real and personal property. Port authorities also possess many powers similar to other local governments in Ohio.

A key function a port authority can perform that a city cannot is the sale and lease of a publicly-owned property. In most cases, municipalities and counties must sell or lease through public bid. Port authorities are specifically exempted from this requirement and can be a conduit for sale of excess government property for the benefit of economic development. Port authorities are also able to perform functions across jurisdictions, thus serving as a conduit for intergovernmental agreements and functions.