Here in Coshocton, Ohio, we are ready to partner with your business to make this the place you are happy to call home.

History of Commerce
Throughout this region’s history, the site where Coshocton is located has been a center of commerce for the Native Americans through present day. Our location where two rivers meet to form the Muskingum River, which leads to the Ohio River and on to the Gulf of Mexico, has made Coshocton (once the home of the Delaware Nation) a leader of trade. In later years, the Ohio and Erie Canal had a bustling port at Roscoe in Coshocton.

Convenient Location
Coshocton is conveniently located midway between Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH and within a 15- minute drive of I-77 and 30 minutes of I-70. Coshocton is situated along the State Route 16/US Route 36 corridor which is a four-lane divided highway from I-77 to Columbus. Coshocton is also home to the active Ohio Central Railroad company which operates as a short-line with access to CSX and Norfolk-Southern lines.

Economic Assistance
There is an established enterprise zone throughout Coshocton County allowing for real and personal property exemptions to be offered in situations where there is legitimate competition for job-creating investments in certain business sectors. We also have a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) in a portion of our downtown commercial business districts. This may allow for real property tax exemptions for certain investments. The Coshocton Port Authority helps business and industry determine appropriate local, state and federal programs that may be of assistance.

Education and Training
The Coshocton Campus is home to a branch of the Central Ohio Technical College offering two-year associate degrees. Muskingum University utilizes the Coshocton Campus for a variety of programs and classes. The Coshocton County Career Center provides custom training services to fit the needs of area employers. And the Coshocton County’s Department of Job and Family Services provides pre-employment screenings and certifications as well as other vital workforce development services.

Quality of Life
Coshocton offers a quality of life that is second to none. How about no long commute or traffic jams? Low crime rate? Friendly caring neighbors? Peaceful environment and a real sense of community? And you’ll find a strong private philanthropic support system that has created a wonderful family environment for all citizens in the area.

Welcome to Coshocton!